Salisbury NB

Council Members - January 2020


Council 2020 
Mayor Terry Keating - General Government   Send me an email
(Office, Building, Civic Relations, Personnel)
Dianne Ayles  -  Administrator/Clerk     Send me an email

Councillor Blake Bartlett - Library     Send me an email

Councillor Robert Campbell  - Recreation & Culture Services    Send me an email
(Parks & Playgrounds, Parks & Leisure Department, Grants, Canada Day, Community Days, Beautification Committee)
Councillor Robert Kitchen - Transportation Services & Wastewater Disposal   Send me an email
(Road Maintenance & Repairs, Snow Removal, Ditching & Culverts, Storm Sewer, Street Signs, Lanemarking, Street Lights.... Sewer Collection & Maintenance)
Vacant Seat* - Protective Services   Send me an email
(Fire Department, RCMP, Animal Control, EMO, Ambulance Services)
 Vacant Seat* - Community Planning & Environmental Health   Send me an email
(Community Planning (Planning/Zoning/Building Permits/Subdivisions) and Solid Waste


* In the case where a seat is vacant, the Mayor will be responsible for the department