Works Department

The Salisbury Works Department is located in the Municipal Building at 56 Douglas Street.  The Department consists of two full-time staff members who are designated as Manager and Assistant Manager of Works and Maintenance.  A seasonal worker and 1-2 students are hired to help in the summer months. 

The Works Department is responsible for...

  • operating and maintaining the municipal wastewater collection and treatment systems, which includes over 30 kilometers of gravity sewer, approximately 300 manholes, 4 duplex pumping stations and a 6 hectare treatment facility;

  • maintenance of 27 kilometers of municipal streets, 5 kilometers of sidewalk, storm sewer systems, roadside ditches, vehicle and equipment maintenance, building maintenance, preparation of public tenders, administration and coordination of capital engineering projects and studies, quantification and management of tangible capital assets, summer maintenance activities (asphalt patching, curb & sidewalk renewal, roadway line striping, etc.) winter maintenance activities (snow plowing, snow removal, salting and sanding, etc.);

  • maintenance of all municipal parks and community use properties, involving approximately 30 acres of mowing and associated trail maintenance;

These services are provided through a combination of municipal forces and contracted service providers.

Applications and Forms

Building Sewer Maintenance and Foundation Drainage - Information for Homeowners (Copies Available)

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