Pothole Season

Although it is a welcome season following a hard Winter, Spring, unfortunately, is also the season of potholes. Potholes are brought on by the many freeze-thaw cycles that wreak havoc on the asphalt after water gets into the cracks formed by the wear and tear of traffic. During the first month or so of Spring, our Salisbury Works Department, like other municipal public works departments throughout New Brunswick, tackles the potholes that form on our Village-maintained roadways by way of what’s called “cold patch asphalt.” This serves as a temporary solution until the hot asphalt plants open midway through the season. After these facilities open, contractors are scheduled to apply more permanent fixes to the municipal pothole problem. If you have concerns about any potholes in particular that are located on our municipal streets in the Village, our Works Department can be reached through the Village Office at 372-3230. However, it must be noted that it is the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure that maintains three of the main roads within the Village limits, those being Route 112 (River Road and Fredericton Road) and Route 106 (Main Street/Salisbury Road). These three routes are “Provincially Designated Highways” and any concerns about them should be phoned in to the Salisbury DTI garage (372-3302) or to MLA Mike Holland at his constituency office at 1037 Route 114 in Lower Coverdale (856-4961).

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