Bleakney Road (post Hurricane/Tropical Storm Dorian)

UPDATE (Sept. 8, 2019, 2:00pm): Bleakney Road is now passable and open to traffic once again. Your patience and understanding during the repair process has been much appreciated.
For residents of Salisbury: Bleakney Road will be repaired following a storm Dorian-related collapse/washout at the McNaughton Brook culvert. The Salisbury Works Department and Salisbury Fire Rescue were called to the scene Sunday morning. It is hoped that Bleakney Road will become passable again by Sunday afternoon. Until that is the case, the Albert Trail (via Lam) has been opened for access so residents of the subdivision can get in and out during the repair process (west to Fredericton Road being the more suitable of the two directions on the trail). Drivers are asked to exercise caution as Albert Trail is not traffic-controlled and is primarily one-way traffic.