COVID-19: Trail Etiquette and Homemade Masks (Apr. 8, 2020)

Some of the latest Re: COVID-19 Coronavirus:

- The case numbers, nationally and provincially, can be found here. The New Brunswick Coronavirus information page is here.

- Here in Salisbury, the Wetland Trail adjacent to Highland Park remains open at this time; however, the Highland Park play structures, as well as the play structures at all other playgrounds in Salisbury, remain closed to use in effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. As for using the trail(s) (this would apply to sidewalks throughout the village, as well), be prudent by maintaining physical distancing of two metres (six feet) and do not touch surfaces of benches and the like. Also, do not congregate in groups. We also ask that trail users walk, jog, or bike ONE-WAY as posted. If all trail users proceed TO THE RIGHT in a counter-clockwise direction upon entering the trail gates, whether at the end of MacDonald Road or upon entering via Highland Park, we will prevent passing by one another as much as possible. In areas where passing by one another is unavoidable, such as at the trail access points, give as much space as possible – hang back and wait, if necessary. The trails will be monitored periodically.

- The New Brunswick Government, this week, struck a pandemic task force to assume decision-making authority for all aspects of health-care in the province. Meantime, the province’s State of Emergency continues.

- Canada’s Special Advisory Committee on COVID-19 has come to a consensus that wearing a non-medical MASK, even if you have no symptoms, is an additional measure you can take to protect others around you. That said, wearing a non-medical mask in the community does not mean you can back off on the public health measures that we know work to protect you and others, ie. physical distancing, frequent handwashing, and regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces.