Private Lane Near Wetland Trail Closed to Vehicular Access

As some residents of Salisbury may have noticed, what has become a popular access to the Wetland Trail located south of MacDonald and Braemar is now gated off. This access-lane is, in fact, PRIVATE property. Many do not realize it, but the lane is not owned by the municipality (although, Salisbury municipal departments have made arrangements with the owner for an access-easement to allow for maintenance of the trail and wetlands, the fire department hydrant, and a sewer lift station). The owner of this private lane has put the chain in place to prevent public access by vehicle, as parking on this private property (that is, the lane and the property below it) has been occurring to the frustration of the private landowners on either side. Again, with this being a private lane, the landowner is fully within his rights to restrict access by vehicle. Meantime, for trail-users who need to park, there is a public parking lot located at Highland Park off Highland Drive.