Village of Salisbury 2020 Dog Tags

Regarding the purchase of 2020 Dog Tags, the Village of Salisbury has fully waived the late-fee deadline. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Village of Salisbury 2020 Dog Tags will remain only $10 (spayed or neutered) or $30 (not spayed or neutered).

To arrange for purchase of a Dog Tag:
- Visit the Village Office. Calling ahead to make an appointment is recommended (372-3230). The Village Office is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30-4:30.
- Leave a message with the Animal Control Officer (at either 378-3627 or so arrangements can be made to purchase a Dog Tag through her.

(NOTE: The original deadline for Dog Tag purchases without penalty was March 31st. It has since been extended thrice due to the Coronavirus and the resulting purchase limitations, and has now been waived outright for the remainder of the current calendar year.)