UPDATE (Oct. 23) > Salisbury to abide by NB Guidelines for Halloween

Salisbury Village Council asks that when it comes to Halloween this year, residents follow New Brunswick Public Health guidelines (click_here_for_NB_Halloween_Guidelines). Under Phase 3/Yellow of the province's Coronavirus Recovery Plan, door-to-door collecting and giving out of Halloween treats is permitted. Again, please refer to information at the provided link above. *

* Meantime, if you are a homeowner/resident who still does NOT wish to participate in Halloween this year, the Village of Salisbury asks that you adopt the long unwritten practice of turning OFF your outdoor light (or porch light, yard light) as a form of signal to trick-or-treaters that this house will not be giving out treats. Trick-or-treaters are asked to look for a light-on to identify which houses to approach.