New Restroom Facility to be Built at Highland Park

    Some more information regarding the construction in 2021 of a new restroom facility for the Village of Salisbury’s Highland Park:
    In order to service the water demands for both this new restroom facility and the adjacent splash pad (for which the mechanisms are contained in the building), two new wells had to be developed at Highland Park this year. This was necessary due to the states of failure of two wells that had been developed there at the time of the splash pad’s original installation, which was done with the intention that the wells drilled in 2016 would complement an existing older well at the site. However, one of those 2016 wells had completely collapsed, while there were numerous deficiencies associated with the other. Neither could be serviced or repaired.
    The ongoing development this year of the two new wells at the park, along with the planned installation of a new submerged holding tank for the splash pad, in addition to the construction of the restroom facility, will prevent the Village from operating the existing restroom and splash pad this season until the new projects are finalized by the fall.
    With regards to the old restroom, the reason for such unusual operation times in the past was due to both water supply and the building’s form of construction. It was unheated and uninsulated, so the entire facility had to be winterized in the fall and commissioned once again in early summer. The Village could not activate the water supply at the restroom and splash pad until it could be absolutely certain that freezing temperatures were behind us.
    As for the new restroom building (see conceptual image above), its design will implement an access control system which will automatically permit and prevent entry to the restroom areas based on hours of operation. The facility is designed to be as vandal resistant as possible.
    This project is funded in large part through the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) program, supported by a municipal contribution as well as previous local fundraising efforts.
    In the meantime, arrangements have been made to have a porta-potty brought to Highland Park on June 11th.