PUBLIC NOTICE of By-Law No. 51-2 Approval

Please be advised that the Village of Salisbury Zoning By-law Amendment No. 51-2, which amends the Zoning Map to zone the properties identified as PID#s 70263751 and 00819185 as residential, was approved by Council on April 26th, 2021 and registered in the Westmorland Registry Office on May 10th, 2021, as Registry Number 41263170.

Municipal Election Results

(Wednesday, May 26, 2021)
    The results of the municipal elections throughout the province have been published online by Elections New Brunswick (results here). The Village of Salisbury wishes to genuinely thank each candidate for offering, and congratulates the mayor-elect and councillors-elect.

It's Not Too Late to Complete Your Census Questionnaire

CompleteYourCensus1    The 2021 Census of Population day was May 11th, but the online portal is still open and Statistics Canada is still accepting questionnaires online and on paper. The census enumerates the entire Canadian population and over 15 million households are expected to complete the census this year. Please complete your questionnaire if you haven’t already.
    Census information is vital for planning programs and services at the national, provincial, territorial and local levels. Governments use census data to make informed decisions about things like roads, public transportation, schools, daycare centres, retirement residences and health services. The benefits to your community increase with every completed questionnaire.

COVID-19: Impact on Municipal Elections; Latest News Re: Vaccine Eligibility

*** UPDATED TO MAY 18th ***
When the announcement was made ending the lockdown in New Brunswick’s Health Zone 4, Elections New Brunswick announced new voting days for residents of that affected region, which will delay the province-wide announcement of election results until 8pm on Tuesday, May 25th. Full details here.
Once again, for residents in New Brunswick outside of Zone 4, including here in the Village of Salisbury, municipal election day remained May 10th. However, as the press release states, the announcement of results will have to wait until 8pm on May 25th.

Meantime, the press release from the New Brunswick government concerning the events of May 18th, including new cases of the coronavirus and updates on vaccinations and vaccination eligibility, can be read here.

Local Governance Reform up for Discussion in New Brunswick

The New Brunswick government, through its Department of Environment and Local Government and led by Minister of Local Government and Local Governance Reform Daniel Allain, has launched a municipal reform process. Citing financial, social, environmental and structural challenges, the stated goal of this process is “to have a local governance and service delivery system that is effective and affordable today and well into the future.” For more information on local governance reform, please refer to the following link:
This Provincial website also includes a consultation document for debate and discussion, i.e. a green paper, entitled “Working together for vibrant and sustainable communities.”

Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance promotes "No Mow May"

A message from the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance:
    This May, the local non-profit environmental group the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA) is sharing a campaign to help pollinators and manage stormwater management with communities in the Petitcodiac River watershed, which includes the beautiful Village of Salisbury! The "No Mow May" campaign is to encourage all people in the watershed to take a non-mowing or less mowing approach to lawns and ditches to help our pollinator populations during a critical time of year, the month of May. Spring flowers can provide an early source of nectar for pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and beetles. Allowing lawns and ditches to grow during the Spring month has now offered huge benefits to pollinating species. This includes our native bee and butterfly populations that have suffered a drastic decline in recent decades. This campaign also mitigates the impacts of stormwater runoff during the Spring melt that normally occurs in May. The PWA observes each year during our water quality monitoring project, the quality of our freshwater streams and rivers impacted when the snow melts. Naturalized lawns and ditches for the month of May can help prevent pollutants and debris from entering freshwater ecosystems directly. The roots of the plants will purify and release water to seep through the soil. Plants that can grow unencumbered will absorb more rain and snowmelt that will fill our groundwater reserves used by household wells. So please leave the flowers growing in your lawn in May. Don't worry about the hard work of mowing for a month. Get to know your lawn as a natural space, and watch the bees and butterflies visit you this Spring!

COVID-19: Elections, Vaccinations, and Latest Cases (Apr. 13, 2021)

The coronavirus is having a negative impact on the 2021 municipal elections in New Brunswick. Municipal Electoral Officer Kim Poffenroth has confirmed that elections are temporarily suspended in areas under lockdown due to COVID-19 -- specifically, portions of Zone 4/Edmundston region. This suspension of the process there also means that reporting of results throughout the rest of the province will also be delayed until such time the suspension is lifted and all NB electors have the opportunity to cast ballots. For more information, please refer to the following government news release:
Impact on Municipal Elections
Meantime, the COVID-19 vaccination rollout continues in New Brunswick. Schedule updates and other important information regarding the vaccines are available through this website:
COVID-19 Vaccinations
April 13th saw the announcement of four new cases of COVID-19 by NB Public Health, upping the number of active cases to 132. This includes 18 hospitalizations, of which 13 are in intensive care (NB Press Release April 13th). Of the 1,736 confirmed cases in the province to date, there have been 1,570 recoveries. There have also been 33 deaths. The number of tests administered was 269,256 as of April 12th.

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