ATV Access

The Town of Salisbury is currently consulting stakeholders and residents on a proposed ATV By-law. This By-law would regulate and permit the use of ATVs on certain municipal streets, under certain conditions, if the By-law passes.

Note: Until such a time that a By-law is approved by Council, is remains illegal to operate an ATV on a municipal street.

Additional information, including the proposed By-law, is available below. The Town welcomes your comments, which must be submitted to the Town in writing by emailing, no later than November 7, 2023.

Proposed Map:
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Why is the Town considering an ATV by-law?

Salisbury Town Council, in its recent Strategic Plan, determined that as a tourism and economic driver, the Municipality would explore additional amenities to welcome ATVs. Despite being the starting point to a major federated trail, our area is disconnected from other portions of the federated QuadNB trail network. For example, the connection point to the neighbouring Mudrunners ATV Club requires connection(s) on private property and crossing across the TransCanada Highway. Regulating the access on streets will make it safer, reduce the reliance on private landowner agreements, and will provide access to a number of businesses and amenities that are used by ATV users such as gas stations, restaurants, a car wash, and more.

How can I provide input on the By-law?

The Town welcomes comments from those who have both feedback in support of, and concerns with, the proposed By-law in the following ways:

  1. Submit your position in writing to no later than November 7, 2023;
  2. Attend the Town’s Open House on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at the Salisbury Lions Club (63 Peter Street) from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. This is an opportunity to see maps of proposed areas, information on the ATV industry, and ask questions on those who will be responsible for enforcement. This is a drop-in style where residents have the opportunity to discuss feedback directly with representatives from the Town, QuadNB, and the Department of Justice and Public Safety. This is not an opportunity to present any information, but rather, an opportunity to get informed on the process and proposal;
  3. Attend a Salisbury Town Council meeting where the By-law is expected to be presented to Council. First reading is expected on Tuesday, October 10 and second reading is expected on Monday, November 13. You can register to speak (maximum five minutes) by registering one week in advance of the meeting by contacting the Town Office.

Please note that all input received by the Town will be summarized and presented to Council as part of the consultation process.

What can I expect at the Open House on October 19?

The open house on October 19 is drop-in style. This means that you can attend at your convenience. There will be representation from QuadNB, the Town, and the Department of Justice and Public Safety. The Town will have posters available with the map(s) and information related to the By-law, the process, and the ATV sector. You will have an opportunity to voice your concerns directly to the representatives in attendance, or just take the opportunity to ask questions and review the information. There will be a comment box available for those who wish to provide any input confidentially.

The open house is not an opportunity for stakeholders or residents to present or make their case, but rather, a drop-in style opportunity to get information on the process and speak directly with those who will be involved.

The open house will run from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. There will be coffee on hand for those who choose to drop by!

Where would ATVs be permitted on municipal streets?

There are two types of road access that would be permitted in the event that the By-law, as proposed, passes:

  • Access between amenities and federated trails: this would permit access on streets within Salisbury, primarily portions of Main Street (Route 106), Fredericton Road (Route 112), Homestead Road (between Fredericton Road and the connecting trail to the neighbouring ATV Club), and small portions of municipal streets to access specific businesses;
  • Access between private residences in Salisbury and federated trails: this would permits residents of Salisbury to access the federated trails from municipal streets in the shortest way possible.

The map of the areas that would be designated, other than municipal streets for between private residences and federated trails, can be viewed on this web page.

Didn’t the Town already do a survey on this By-law?

Yes, in 2022, a survey was conducted prior to the By-law being put on pause. To ensure that the survey cannot be circulated specifically to large groups of people that either support or oppose the By-law, the Town is hosting an open house as well as welcoming written submissions. In the 2022 survey, the primary concerns raised were related to: noise, speed/recklessness, pedestrian conflicts, potential of danger, children playing, and machines not being property equipped (lights, insurance, etc.).

When would this take effect?

To provide additional time for public input, the Town will be doing the first and second readings of the By-law at different meetings. After second reading, the Town will send the By-law to the Province of New Brunswick for approval. It is not likely that this By-law will take effect until mid-2024. Until such a time that provincial approval is confirmed, and the Town has third reading, driving on streets with ATVs is not permitted.

Where can I read the proposed By-law in full?

The draft By-law can be read online here.

Are there other municipalities with similar By-laws?

Yes, a number of municipalities have comparable By-laws, including, but not limited to: Shediac, Bathurst, Minto, Sussex, Miramichi, Hillsborough, and Chipman. There are over 25 municipalities who have comparable By-laws.

There are over 15 municipalities, in addition to those mentioned, that are either seeking additions to their By-laws, or, considering a By-law, similar to Salisbury.

How will this be enforced?

Having a By-law that regulates the use of ATVs on municipal streets would enable the Department of Justice and Public Safety to enforce the By-law and the provincial Off-Road Vehicles Act. It will also permit the Town to impose Administrative Penalties in addition to other fines imposed by the Province.

Can ANY ATV drive on a road if this By-law passes?

No. This By-law has a number of requirements for ATVs that use municipal streets. Requirements include:

  • Wearing a helmet;
  • Properly equipped, as stipulated in the provincial Off-Road Vehicle Act;
  • Using appropriate signals and obeying all traffic signals/devices;
  • Having a valid QuadNB Trail Pass;
  • Being able to provide proof of insurance, registration documents, and license plate with valid stickers;

Travelling between specific times, no later than 10pm or 11pm.

How can ATVs and vehicles use the same streets?

Under the proposed By-law, ATVs would need to do the following:

  • Travel in the same direction as vehicle traffic;
  • Travel in single file;
  • Travel at the posted speed, or, 40 kilometres per hour, whichever is LESSER;

Give the right-of-way to all other vehicles on the road.

What would the Town do to ensure this is safe?

The Town has consulted a number of stakeholders prior to proposing the revised By-law. A number of actions will be taken, if the By-law passes, prior to it taking effect:

  • Street lights will be requested from NB Power between Silver Fox Drive and the Homestead Road, as well as between New England Drive and the QuadNB Trail;
  • Signage will be installed throughout the roadway to advise motorists that they are on a shared street;
  • The Town will undertake a number of promotional and educational initiatives to promote the By-law prior to it taking effect;
  • The Town, in collaboration with the local ATV Clubs, will host a public information session to ensure users are aware of the rules and requirements;
  • The Town is considering conducting the By-law on a trial/pilot basis for the period of one year to evaluate if there are any safety concerns;

Specific routes were selected to ensure that the road access is on paved surface, near sidewalks or wide shoulders where possible, and where conflict between other vehicles and ATVs could be limited.

Why does the Town consider this an economic driver?

Our community has a number of businesses and amenities that are currently cut-off from ATV traffic.

In the local club (Albert County Trail Blazers), there are 1551 members, making them amongst the three largest in the province. In this region (Region 8), there were 5405 members in 2022.

According to QuadNB, the economic impact for the Club is $21M, and across the province, it was $458M in 2022. In New Brunswick, there are 58,000 quads registered.

Regulating access in safe manners increases business prospects and ensures that Salisbury is not only a starting point for trail users, but rather, somewhere to stop, eat, and spend money at our local businesses while in or near the community on an ATV.


Amended proposed by-Law (at Second Reading, Feb. 12, 2024): DRAFT 2

Original proposed by-law (at First Reading, Oct. 10, 2023): DRAFT 1