The Town of Salisbury is welcoming the new year with open arms and excitement as we plan our celebrations for the Salisbury 250 campaign.  

The 2024 year will mark a significant milestone for the Salisbury region: 250 years since the area was permanently settled. Over the course of the next year, each month will be filled with themed events, celebrations, history, heritage, and more!  

The Salisbury area has a lot of history that deserves to be celebrated; from the booming Silver Fox Industry and several local businesses to the importance of the Railway Station and the Petitcodiac River. With each of these elements and more, we have a lot to cover during the year. As a result, the Salisbury 250 Committee has decided to divide the year up into 12 central themes – each one corresponding to a month of the year.  

For more information on the 12-theme calendar and everything Salisbury 250-related, visit our web page here: