The Salisbury Community Days Beer Garden, a live music event held Aug. 19 featuring the band Star Sixty-Nine, was held as a fundraising event for Salisbury Helping Hands Food Bank.

Thanks to those who attended that Saturday evening, the event was a huge success.

It raised over $1,400 for Helping Hands, an amount that was topped up by the Town of Salisbury to an even $1,500.

Helping Hands’ dedicated volunteer staff have served the community for 23 years, providing clients with food and toiletries.

Salisbury Helping Hands Food Bank is located at 64 Douglas Street, is open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 4pm, and can be contacted by phoning 506-372-9787 or emailing





(Pictured is Tammy Constantine of Helping Hands receiving the donation cheque from Salisbury Mayor Rob Campbell.)