Community Grants

The Town of Salisbury is pleased to offer community annual grants for community initiatives and groups that are conducive to building a more vibrant community and/or that relate to the municipality’s long-term strategic priorities.

Grants of $250 or Less

Community grants valued at $250 can be requested at any time throughout the year. Requests must be submitted through an online form and applicants must permit a minimum of two weeks for the request to be processed.

Funds are dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis.

The municipality reserves at minimum $2000 from the annual grant budget for community grants of $250 or less. In the event of multiple requests in the same fiscal year from the same applicant, the applicant will not receive more than one donation under the Community Grant or Donation Valued at <$250 stream before June 30 of that calendar year in order to permit equitable access to the funds allocated for this purpose amongst the number of community groups seeking funding.

Grants of $250 or More

In order to increase likelihood of available funding, community grants of $250 or more should be requested by September 30 for the following fiscal year (January 1 to December 31). In the event that September 30 falls on a Friday, applications will be accepted until the following working day (Monday).

Grants valued at over $250 for one year are subject to approval from Council during budget deliberations. Municipal Administration is responsible for compiling all requests and recommending an appropriate amount of funding to include in the grant budget for the following fiscal year. Successful proponents are notified in December by the Clerk/Treasurer upon approval of the municipal budget.

In the event of available funds in the grant budget throughout the year, groups may be successful in submitting requests outside of the application period. In this case, any grant exceeding $250 requires approval from Council. In accordance with Town Council’s Regular Meeting schedule, applicants are encouraged to submit requests no later than 30 business days before funds are required. Sufficient time is required for Administration to evaluate the request, make a recommendation, and include it on the agenda for a subsequent Regular Council Meeting.

All community grants valued at $250 or more must be submitted online using the Town’s online grant application. While all applicants are encouraged to relate their request to the strategic pillars and priorities of the municipality, grant requests exceeding $1000 must address a core value or strategic priority of the municipality in order to receive funding.

Recipients of grants of $250 or more must provide a written summary of how the funds were used upon completion of project. Failure to fulfill this requirement can lead to the group(s) no longer being eligible for future grant requests.

Multi-Year Grants

Organizations that request grants annually from the Town of Salisbury in excess of $1,000 annually are encouraged to apply for multi-year grants. The following organizations are eligible for multi-year grants:

  • Not-for-profit organizations;
  • Businesses or associations furthering or partnering with the Town of Salisbury;
  • Community groups looking for in-kind support from the Town of Salisbury.

The deadline for multi-year grant applications is August 30 of each year. In the event that August 30 falls on a Friday, applications will be accepted until the following working day (Monday). Applicants are limited to one multi-year grant application per fiscal year. Organizations may receive additional grants in the course of a year, but only one multi-year request can be submitted per year.

Multi-year grants are evaluated on the return on investment for the municipality and how the organization’s request aligns with the strategic priorities and pillars of the municipality. Applicants are urged to ensure they are familiar with the Town’s Strategic Plan for the purposes of the application.

Applicants are notified annually of multi-year grants in December, following budget deliberations. Upon receiving confirmation of a successful application, successful proponents will be required to:

  1. Sign an agreement with the Town for the delivery of services contained in the application;
  2. Provide the Town with By-laws of the organization and the most recent financial statements, where applicable;
  3. Present annually on the activities of the organization for the duration of the agreement during a Regular Council Meeting.

Failure to fulfill these requirements can lead to the group(s) no longer being eligible for future grant requests. The agreement signed with the organization(s) will also stipulate the requirement(s) of the organization and should these not be met, funding is subject to be revoked for future fiscal years.

How does the request meet strategic priorities or projects for the municipality? (not required but encouraged)

Agreement/consent to enter into a formal agreement with the municipality, should I/we be provided with funding

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