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The Town’s Financial Assistance for Recreation (FAR) program is aimed at ensuring that all youth in the Town of Salisbury, regardless of their financial circumstances, have equal access to recreational opportunities. This program is similar to programs such as JumpStart, ProKids, KidSport, etc., but is a made-in-Salisbury program that can be used in conjunction with other funding programs to make the funding go FARther.

The FAR program has two streams: one that covers registration (RAG stream) and one that covers associated expenses to your recreation programming (GET stream).

Registration Assistance Grant (RAG)
application form:

Online Application Forms –

Printable application forms –

  • Applications are accepted during the months of May (from May 1st-May 22nd), September (1st-22nd), and January (1st-22nd).
  • Notification of a funding decision is made within four weeks of the deadline.
  • RAG cheques are made payable to the service organization, identified as the “payee” in the application. A payee can be a local hockey association, gymnastics club, etc., that coordinates the sports or physical activity on behalf of the qualifying youth/child.

Gas, Equipment, and Tournament (GET) Grant application form:

Online Application Forms –

Printable application forms –

    • Applicants are eligible to request funding year-round up to their allotted maximum.
    • Incurring expenses does not guarantee funding. Successful applicants will receive a notification of approval, although funds are not disbursed until proof of payment, unless funding is provided specifically for gas expenses in the form of gift card.
    • Funding decisions are made within ten business days.



    • We require documents to verify address and income. For privacy reasons, you can:
      • Keep your originals and submit photocopy/scans
      • Black out or redact information that is not relevant to the FAR application. For example, if you submit:
        • Driver’s License – black out DL number
        • Income Statement – black out Social Insurance (SIN) number
        • Bank Statement – black out account number

General Requirements:

  • The applicant must live within the Town of Salisbury.
  • Children must be between the ages of 4 – 18 years old at the time of the recreation activity taking place.
  • Funding is allocated to sustained programs that involve a sport, art, membership, leisure activity, education component, and/or physical activity.
  • Programs or memberships should be a minimum of four weeks in duration and include at least one session per week. In the case of camps, the program must last at least five consecutive days for consideration. This means that one-time expenses are not eligible, unless they are part of an organized recreation activity.
  • Recipients may receive up to $300 per calendar year under the FAR program, and families (with multiple children) are eligible for up to $500 per calendar year. This maximum is for families who meet the Low-Income Cut-Offs.
  • Funding in one year does not guarantee that the applicant will receive any funding in following years. Applicants must be submitted on an annual basis if applicants want to be considered for consecutive years.
  • Approval and amount(s) of funding is subject to funding availability and is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Priority will be given to applicants who meet Revenue Canada’s Low-Income Cut-Offs (LICO) and/or who have not previously received FAR funding.
  • All grants are subject to the approval of the Town of Salisbury’s Director of Recreation and Wellness or equivalent, based on the requirements of the FAR Policy.

Available Funding:

• Registration Assistance Grant (RAG)

The RAG stream of the FAR program covers costs associated to registration fees.

  • Applications:
    • Applications for registration costs are accepted up to three times per year.
    • Applications submitted where the program has concluded will not be reviewed.
    • Applicants will be required to disclose financial need, which may include providing a current copy of the Canada Child Benefit and/or income statement. If you do not have access to these documents, alternative confirmation of income may be accepted, at the discretion of the Town.
    • In order to maximize funding and leverage other funding, families who meet Canadian Tire JumpStart’s financial criteria may be asked to apply to that program first, with the FAR program covering the rest of registration costs. The Town will assist applicants through this process. These recipients will also be pre-approved for up to $300 from the GET fund, minus the amount from this stream to cover the remainder of their registration costs.
    • Applicants are submitted online using this form. Printed applications are also available at the Town Office or by visiting this link.
  • Timelines:
    • Applications for the RAG stream are accepted as follows:
      • Summer program registration: applications from May 1-22.
      • Fall program registration: applications from September 1-22.
      • Winter program registration: applications from January 1-22.
    • Notification of a funding decision is made within four weeks of the deadline.
• Gas, Equipment, and Tournament Grant (GET)
  • The Gas, Equipment, and Transportation (GET) grant is intended to cover costs that may be prohibitive to accessing recreation opportunities but are generally not eligible for comparable funding programs.
  • Application and Application Process:
    • Applicants are required to apply using an online form providing details related to the programming, financial need, etc., unless they were pre-approved for funding under the registration stream.
    • Applications for funding for GET are accepted on an ongoing basis while funds permit.
    • Applicants submit an application using an online form, unless they are pre-approved for funding under this stream from a previous application for registration costs. Until the Town provides a notification of acceptance, there is no guarantee of re-imbursement for expenses.
    • Once approved, applicants can submit proof of payment to be re-imbursed until they reach their approved amount.
  • Timelines:
    • Applicants are eligible to request funding year-round up to their allotted maximum.
    • Funding decisions for this stream are made within ten business days.


How is FAR funded ?

FAR receives donations and sponsorships from a wide variety of sources. With the generous support of Extreme Windows and Entry Systems, we were able to launch the program in 2024.

Any individual or organization can make a donation to FAR.

What is considered a recreation activity?
  • Organized sports (through an association, club, or school):
    • Baseball
    • Ice Hockey
    • Field Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Pickleball
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
    • Cricket
    • Lawn bowling
    • Golf
    • Field Hockey
    • Martial Arts
    • Badminton
    • Rugby
    • Lacrosse
    • Wrestling
    • Track & field
  • Swimming lessons
  • Summer camps
  • March break camps
  • Sport camps
  • Dance classes
  • Cheerleading
  • Art classes
  • Gym memberships
  • Fitness classes
  • Theatre programs
  • Other program(s) at the discretion of the Director of Recreation and Wellness
How can I make a donation?

To donate or inquire about partnering with the Town of Salisbury, you can e-mail or send a cheque payable to Salisbury to:

Town of Salisbury
56 Douglas Street
Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada
E4J 3E3

Do you provide tax receipts for donations?

Yes, individuals who give a donation over $20 will be issued a tax receipt.

How does the RAG funding process work?

The Financial Assistance for Recreation (FAR) Program’s Registration Assistance Grant (RAG) application (the “Application”) is an application for funding to assist with registration costs. If approved, the Town will work with the organization to provide the funds to them directly.

How does the Town make the decisions related to the FAR Program?

The Town has a Policy related to the FAR Program. It can be read online here.

Once applications are submitted, the Department of Recreation and Wellness will work with the applicants to inform them if their application is successful. If successful, applicants will receive further instructions in a letter, depending on the stream they apply for or the organization they are participating in.

What if I need help completing the application form or navigating the program?

We are here to help! If you have any difficulties, please email us at or phone 506-372-3230.

In some cases, parents/guardians may need support to help complete their application and can identify a collaborator to assist them with their application. The collaborator may be a family member, support worker, a representative from a service organization, or any other individual whom the parent/guardian identifies in the application.

What do I do once I have been approved?

Upon approval of funding, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to:

  • Work directly with the service organization to ensure a spot is available for their child/children in a program; and
  • Notify the Town of Salisbury as soon as possible in the event that a child stops attending a program, moves to another program, or if a program is full or cancelled.
I know a child whose family can’t afford to pay for recreational activity programming. Can I apply for funding for the child on behalf of the family?

Unfortunately not. Only parents or guardians can apply for funding for their children directly, unless they appoint someone to apply on their behalf. However, you can always direct families to our website to apply. If they’re hesitant to share their financial information, you can reassure them that their information will be kept confidential.

Once I apply for funding, does that mean my child is registered in the activity?

No. It is the parent’s responsibility to work directly with the service organization to ensure a spot is available for their child. The Town will notify the organization immediately upon approval of the applicant’s success in the FAR program. Funds will be distributed to the organization directly. If by the time you get approval from the FAR program, your registration fee is paid, you will need to work with your recreation organization to arrange the receipt of the funds.

How long does it take to process an application?

For the Registration (RAG) Stream: Four weeks from closing date for that seasonal intake.

For the Gas, Equipment, and Transportation (GET) stream: Ten business days from receipt of application.

Can I request funding for two seasons in a row for my child?

Yes. We can fund successive seasons up to a maximum of $300 annually, subject to available funds and eligibility. Please note, however, that funding in one year does not guarantee funding in a subsequent year. Also, the Town may prioritize applicants who have not yet received funding under the FAR program.

My child is in a select/rep/elite league. Can they still receive funding?


Why did the Town of Salisbury create the FAR program?

In 2023, the Town was named Canada’s Most Active Community, and our residents certainly live up to this title! Unfortunately, recreation activities can often be cost-prohibitive. The Town believes that every resident should have an equal opportunity to participate in organized recreation activities. At the same time, the Town has heard that existing programs are not flexible enough for all residents to take advantage of them. Because of this, the Town created a made-in-Salisbury program that will help children access recreation!

Who are the sponsors for this program?

The Town is thankful for community partners who make this program possible. While the Town contributes financially to the program and oversees the administration of the program, it is the help of sponsors that make the program happen. We would like to thank the following committed sponsors:

  • Extreme Window and Entrance Systems (presenting sponsor)
  • Greenlight Design (logo sponsor)
Is this the same as JumpStart, PROKids, KidSport, etc.?

No. While similar, this is a program specific to the Town of Salisbury. Our program was created to be flexible and offer support to a wider range of families, and at the same time, be stackable with some of the existing programs (such as JumpStart, PROKids, etc.) where applicable to leverage other funding opportunities and break down more barriers for children to participate in recreation programming.

Is this a permanent program?

Yes! However, the program may change over time. In 2024, the Town will launch the first intake of applications. We will review the program and welcome any feedback (please email us at Once we complete this pilot period, we will determine what, if any, changes are required to the program.

How do I know where the money in the FAR program goes?

The funds donated and collected through the FAR program are administered by the Town of Salisbury. The FAR program will produce an annual report, highlighting the impact of the program that year and how the funds were used. Where all administrative costs are covered by the Town of Salisbury, it means that all funding received by the program goes 100% to supporting kids get involved in recreation. Our annual reports will be made available on the website.