The following statement was issued by Mayor Rob Campbell on November 28, 2023, on behalf of the Town of Salisbury:

This afternoon, the Government of New Brunswick released its 2024-2025 Capital Budget. Amongst the Capital Budget includes development work for a much-needed new school in Salisbury. This is a welcomed announcement by the Municipality and has been a long-awaited commitment from the Province.

During the speech by Finance Minister Ernie Steeves, he said: “An additional $10.2 million is being invested to begin work on an additional six schools around the province and will mean further commitments over the next several years. This includes development work for [a school] in… Salisbury.”

On behalf of the Town, we would like to express our appreciation to our area’s parents, PSSC (Parent School Support Committee) and District Education Council (DEC), who have made tireless efforts to advocate for a much-needed replacement school in Salisbury. We would also like to thank our area’s MLAs who have been advocates for this much-needed upgrade, in particular, Minister Mike Holland who has especially shared a similar desire to see this investment.

The commitment to pursue development work is an indication of the growth of our community. The Town looks forward to engaging in conversations with the Province as they begin this work. The Town will continue to advocate to keep this file top-of-mind to secure further investments and a firm commitment to pursue with the work in future capital budgets.

We would encourage residents to read more on the province’s capital plan online, which will continue to be reviewed by the Town to determine implications beyond this particular project: We look forward to ensuring that Salisbury receives its fair share of capital investments — not only for the school, but also for much-needed investments in provincial infrastructure such as roads and bridges in our community — from the 2024-2025 Capital Budget.