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Wetlands provide a nutrient rich environment that supports a broad range of animals and plant life.  These aquatic plants such as cattails, sedges, and grasses provide habitat, food and breeding areas for numerous waterfowl species.  During migration, birds rely on the availability and quality of wildlife habitat for survival.

Salisbury has two wetland areas.  One being the decommissioned lagoon near Highland Park (old lagoon), the other former farm land near the new lagoon off Government Road.  With approximately 40 acres of wetlands, Salisbury is known to bird watchers for having an impressive count of well over 160 species.

Please remember that us humans and our pets can create havoc to these waterfowls if we do not give them their space.  Please help keep these waterfowl safe by not disturbing these areas. 

David Miller, one of our resident bird enthusiast, has been kind enough to provided us with a few of his fantastic photo’s. 

Thank you David for all your help!