If you drive, you know Springtime not only brings warmer temperatures – it also reveals potholes born from a combination of cracking pavement and freeze-thaw cycles. The cause of a pothole seems simple enough: heavy traffic on a roadway results in cracks forming, water gets in, freezes and expands during the Winter creating more surface pressure, and when it melts the asphalt crumbles in.

The fix, unfortunately, takes some time. A temporary fix in early Spring using cold-patch asphalt buys time until the hot-asphalt plants open, after which plans are made for longer-term repairs.

Should any potholes raise concerns within the boundaries of Wards 1, 2 and 4; that is, the former local service districts, please contact the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) at 1-833-384-4111 (dispatch line) or by emailing transportnb@gnb.ca. DTI continues to maintain the roads in Wards 1, 2, and 4. However, we would encourage you to still inform Salisbury Town Hall of your submissions to ensure we can track the requests in the Wards to assist in prioritizing requests in our ongoing conversations with DTI.

Meantime, should you notice a concerning pothole in Ward 3, the former Village of Salisbury limits, please contact the Salisbury Department of Infrastructure and Public Works at 506-372-3243.