During the Regular Council Meeting of April 11, 2023, Town Council gave first and second reading, by title only, to three municipal By-laws being considered. Pursuant to Section 15(3) of the Local Governance Act, this serves as public notice of the consideration of the By-laws.

The following is a summary of the By-laws being considered:

  • By-law No. 5: Respecting Driveway Culverts and Entrances – This By-law updates the former Village of Salisbury By-law No. 33, Driveway Culverts and Entrances, and also includes a Schedule in the By-law to only apply to these geographical boundaries, since the Town is not responsible for regulating culverts and driveways in the outside areas. The purpose of the By-law is to outline the requirements that must be met when installing and maintaining driveway culverts and entrances.
  • By-law No. 6: Respecting Sewerage and the Collection of User-Charges for the Sanitary Sewerage System in Salisbury – This By-law updates and combines the former Village of Salisbury By-law No. 34 respecting sewerage rates and charges and By-law No. 45, a By-law relating to the user-charges for the sanitary sewerage system of the Village of Salisbury. The purpose of this By-law is to regulate the requirements for the maintenance and connection to the municipal sewerage system, as well as outline the jurisdiction and authority for the collection of annual user charges. This only applies to the serviceable boundary within the former Village of Salisbury boundaries.
  • By-law No. 7: Building By-law – This By-law updates the former Village of Salisbury By-law No. 36, Building By-law, and also regulates the building permitting fees for the outside areas. The purpose of this By-law is to determine the permitting requirements, application process, and fees for the full Town, including both former Village and former Local Service Districts.

The By-laws are available for viewing during business hours, Monday to Friday, at the Town Office. Residents who may wish to offer opinion on the By-law may do so by emailing clerk@salisburynb.ca or registering to present/speak to Council no later than seven (7) days before the meeting of Council. It is the intent of Council to proceed with third reading during the Regular Council meeting of May 8, 2023. The By-laws can also be viewed online, in full, at the following links: