Recreation Master Plan

Presenting, the Town of Salisbury’s final Recreation Master Plan (RMP)!

After being formally ratified by Council during the regular council meeting of April 8, the Town’s RMP will guide future programming, investments, and priorities in the next 10-years.


With a growing community, especially in light of Local Governance Reform at the onset of 2023, we wanted to make sure we understood the priorities of all of the residents in the new boundaries within the Town of Salisbury.

RMP Implementation Strategy

In 2024 the Town of Salisbury finalized our Recreation Master Plan, intended to guide the Town’s recreation programming, amenities, and infrastructure for the next 10+ years. Step by step, we aim to turn our vision into action by utilizing an implementation strategy.

Phase One – Communication: Build municipal, provincial, and federal partnerships, as well as develop a broad approach to land use planning, and ensure funds are invested in recreation projects.

Phase Two – Positioning: Develop a municipal brand to strengthen the image of Salisbury’s lifestyle and develop a Salisbury App for mobile devices that provides comprehensive information about all activities and events.

Phase Three – Cultural Heart: Conduct a feasibility study to explore the development of a community centre that strengthens the “Town Heart”, conduct a master plan for Highland Park to begin work on park improvements, and develop a core trail to link downtown to Highland Park.

Phase Four – Growing Routes: Develop future destination parks that serve as gateways to the regional active transportation network, develop a comprehensive wayfinding system for recreation and cultural locations, expand the core area trails and active transportation routes, and explore a regional shuttle system.

Phase Five – Monitoring Success: Monitor Recreation Master Plan implementation focusing on improving social and activity spaces, enhancing operational environments for providers, and managing budgets efficiently.

If you would like to read the Town’s Recreation Master Plan, please visit the following link:

Recreation Master Plan Open House
March 20, 2024

The Town is developing a Recreation Master Plan, intended to guide the Town’s recreation programming, amenities, and infrastructure for the next 10+ years.

With a growing community, especially in light of Local Governance Reform, we want to make sure we have an understanding of the priorities of all of the residents and of the new boundaries within the Town of Salisbury.



Survey is now closed.

In the meantime, please fill out the short survey at the following link: survey is confidential.

We also look forward to receiving your input at our Summer Block Parties:

  • July 12, 2023 (Spring Garden Subdivision, Route 106, Ward 1)
  • July 19, 2023 (River Glade Motocross Track, Ward 2)
  • August 9, 2023 (Bunker Hill Subdivision, Route 112, Ward 4)
  • August 23, 2023 (Salisbury Lions Pool, Ward 3)

If you have questions about the process, please email the Town’s Recreation & Wellness Department at


RMP Creation Process:

Throughout 2023 and 2024, TRACE Planning & Design worked closely with Town staff, council, and residents to develop Salisbury’s Recreation Master Plan. The Master Plan creation process was delivered in four sequential phases.

Platform Development: A comprehensive understanding of the present recreation position of the Town of Salisbury based on interviews with staff, demographic data, past plans, an inventory of recreation assets, mapping, and site visits established the baseline platform on which the project could build.

Consultation Communities: The public engagement process allowed the consultants to gather feedback from recreation providers and facility users. Consultation began with in-person engagement with students and proceeded with public surveys, pop-up community sessions, and a community open house.

Recreation Platform: The community feedback session provided a futuristic vision of activities and facilities that support the notion of recreation and gathering within the heart of the community.

Master Plan Creation: The master plan assembles the components of the previous three phases into a single document and prioritizes recommendations and initiatives for implementation.

RMP Town Centre:

Throughout the Recreation Master Plan development process, our residents expressed a desire to create a powerful and all-season community recreation and cultural centre that becomes the “centre” of the newly amalgamated Town of Salisbury. We aim to have the new facility work with the Salisbury Elementary and Regional Schools, the Town Hall, the Salisbury Sports Fields and the existing retail/professional assets located on Main Street, River Road, and Fredericton Road.

More specifically, the Recreation Master Plan identified that the Town Centre should be an area explored for a much-asked for Recreation Facility. The Recreation Master Plan suggests exploring something in the core of the former Village that includes items such as:  a field house, relocated library, fitness centre, activity rooms, change facilities, coffee shop, daycare facility, and walkways to both the Elementary and Regional Schools. This year, the Town is undertaking a feasibility study to explore what feasibility could look like, where it could go, and what it would entail from a financial and funding perspective. Stay tuned for details in the coming months!