In the Summer of 2023, the Town of Salisbury received official correspondence of a proposed telecommunications tower to be located off of Main Street in Salisbury.

Following the receipt of additional information from the proponent, Rogers Telecommunications, the Town is publishing the official information that was presented to Council during a Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, October 23, 2023. While the official decision rests with Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED), Council has requested that the general public be invited to provide additional information or feedback to ensure they are aware of the proposal.

In the Summer, Council was concerned that not all information in the Southeastern Commissions Antenna Siting Protocol had been followed. A letter was sent expressing concerns to the proponent on behalf of the Town.

Since that time, additional information has been provided. In the instance of these applications, only properties within 150-metres are notified of the proposed project. As a result, Council is inviting residents who may have comments, concerns, or feedback to email their input to the following:

➡️ Scott Telecom Services, on behalf of the proponent:
➡️ Town Clerk,

Information will be compiled by the Town and submitted to the Southeast Regional Service Commission. This will be summarized as part of the process to demonstrate to ISED that the Municipality was consulted.

The full information package can be found online here: Rogers Telecommunications Tower Proposal_A1097_.