With the month of June and the ParticipACTION Community Challenge fast approaching, the Town of Salisbury  is excited to announce that starting next month, construction is set to begin on a trail expansion project.

The Town will be extending the current trail network by connecting Highland Park, via Braemar Street, to the Parkin Street Park, enabling a connection to the shared Pedestrian/ATV trail via Parkin Street. This phase will consist of trail construction (about 1.7 km), widening and making one path in the Woodland Trail accessible, and associated drainage work along the trail. The contract was awarded in April and construction is anticipated to begin in late June and be completed by Fall.

Following the public survey in September of 2023, the Town will be contributing the $100,000 ParticipACTION prize towards the Braemar to Parkin Trail project.

With that project done – who is ready to win again? Stay tuned to the Town’s Facebook Page as we gear up to defend our title as Canada’s Most Active Community! The ParticipACTION Community Challenge will be slightly different this year for individuals and organizations who participate. Get ready for more info to come soon!