In 2021, the Government of New Brunswick, through a White Paper, announced changes to be undertaken to modernize New Brunswick’s Local Governance System. As of January 1, 2023, 95% of New Brunswickers will reside in a local government and there will be a reduction in municipal entities from 340 to 89.  Like many areas across the province, this will include impacts to the current Village of Salisbury and the surrounding areas. 

As the reform process continues, an update related to milestones to date, by-laws, budget/tax rate, and the new municipal council has been created and made available online. It can be viewed online at this link or by visiting the Local Governance Reform page on the Village of Salisbury’s Website:

If you have specific concerns and/or comments around municipal reform and the implications for our community, you can contact the Village Office at 506-372-3230 or by email at or by contacting Austin Henderson, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at