Salisbury Farmers and Artisans Market

Handcrafted and homemade brings a whole new definition to goods! Providing an outlet for small businesses to grow, the Salisbury Farmers and Artisans Market is definitely a go-to stop every Saturday.

For at least a decade, local artists and small businesses have participated in a weekly farmers market in Salisbury. After switching locations a few times over the years, they have finally found their forever home. Officially being incorporated as a non-profit organization since 2020, they continue a weekly market every Saturday at 3134 Main Street.

Susan Linkletter, current president of the Salisbury Farmers and Artisans Market, says that the market’s goal is to help small businesses grow. With the hope of helping more local businesses in the area, there are plans to expand the upper level to provide a space to rent.

Get out and about next Saturday and see what you can find at the Market!

AMP IT UP Dance Studio

What better way to get moving than with a little bit of dance? From ballet and contemporary, to hip-hop and jazz, AMP IT UP Dance Studio has a class for everyone!

Maddi Pond, owner of AMP IT UP Dance Studio, believes individuality, inclusivity, and creativity are of utmost importance. Teaching dance programs in Salisbury since the age of 14, Maddi has been able to bring her vision of a studio to life thanks to the Reisman Grant through Mount Allison University. She opened the doors publicly to her studio in May of 2019. The studio is currently located at 62 Peter St.

With a mission to bring arts to the community, Maddi created a safe and inclusive environment to build confidence and self-esteem, staffed with local youth. Training both competitive and recreational dancers, classes include ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, acro, tap, music and movement, and adult fitness.

There’s a class for everyone! Get more information on registration by emailing

Kinetic Solutions Physiotherapy and Performance

Whether you have been involved in an accident or experience painful functional limitations, through exercise, education, hands-on therapy and lifestyle management, Kinetic Solutions Physiotherapy and Performance is here to help.

Alex Kelly, owner and physiotherapist, is passionate about getting people back to doing the things that are most important to them. Through in-depth assessment, education, and diagnosis, KS Physio is here to help you understand why your body may not be functioning properly, and to reclaim your quality of life.

In adjunct to education, exercise, and lifestyle management, KS Physio uses tools such as Functional Dry needling, Acupuncture, Manual Therapy, and Soft Tissue Manipulation to assist along the way.

After being in business for five years, Alex still strives to provide our surrounding communities with access to quality health care services in an environment where clients feel heard, valued, and have someone who will work with them to achieve their goals.

Here We Grow

Operating as a home away from home, Here We Grow centres offer a warm and nurturing environment and strive to make everyone feel safe and loved.

Jenn Edgett started her business when her kids were young and had recognized a need for childcare in the community. In her 13 years of business, she has opened three locations; Here We Grow Early Learning, Here We Grow Little Learners, and Here We Grow Youth Center, and continues to operate all three today.

The growth and development of the children is supported through developmentally appropriate programming and teaching. Not only working with children, but their families too, Jenn works towards building relationships and supporting family units to fully understand their needs.

Jenn’s goal is to continue to be an active contributor in our growing community and to give back to Salisbury.

Guardian – Salisbury Pharmacy

With a genuine interest in your wellbeing, and a friendly smile to greet you, the Salisbury Pharmacy will surely make you feel welcome. Health and happiness at the forefront of their business brings true wellness to the community.

Dyson Jones, Pharmacist and Owner, has been able to call the Guardian home since 2006. Dating back to the 1950s, a pharmacy has been in Salisbury for awhile, starting in a much smaller building, but on the same piece of land. The building you see today was built in 2015.

The team at the Guardian has a genuine interest in you – they aim to provide the best possible experience as they give advice for your overall wellness. If they have happy and healthy clients, they consider the business a success.

As many can imagine, COVID has impacted Dyson and his business and has challenged him in unimaginable ways. Nonetheless, the team is happy to be a part of the wellness journey for many community members and greatly appreciates the customer loyalty.

Sew Clever

You deserve to feel your best in your clothes. Whether something is too loose, too much, or just doesn’t fit right, Sew Clever is here for all your sewing needs.

Barbara Horsman is the owner of Sew Clever Custom Sewing, providing personalized solutions for fitting issues and alterations. After recognizing a need in the area for the service, she chose to do what she does best to earn a living. Even though a lot of today’s garments are disposable, they can be mended to last a little longer.

Taking a popular compliment – “well, aren’t you clever” – and turning it into her business, Barbara recognized that foxes also represent cleverness, while also representing the Salisbury area. This is how her name and logo were born.

Sew Clever will be celebrating six years of business in January 2024. Barbara’s mission is to build long term customer relationships through personalized quality services, and continue to recycle, repair, and create.

Pickle Planet Moncton

Ever wonder what to do with your family in the Greater Moncton Area? Pickle Planet Moncton keeps boredom away from your home and informs you of all there is to do!

Once desperate for information of events and activities for her young children to do, in 2015 Jenna Morton founded Pickle Planet Moncton — the go-to tool for information about family friendly events & activities in the Greater Moncton area. Through mediums such as podcasts, listings, TV and more, you’ll never miss out on something to do.

Not wanting to limit the name to moms, dads, or children, she instead found inspiration for the brand through a term of endearment – “Pickle” – that she calls her daughter. Pickle Planet is a place for all families, whatever that looks like in your life.

Jenna believes that strong communities raise strong children. She believes in creating a sense of belonging, while boosting creativity, confidence, & the economy.

We are thrilled that Pickle Planet now officially falls within the boundaries of Salisbury!

Wee College

With a passion for education, a dedication to the community, and a desire to provide an enriching environment for children, Wee College Salisbury is there for you.

As parents, Candy and Scott know the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can thrive. This is why they opened Wee College Salisbury in 2022, creating a space where their love for education can thrive as well.

Candy and Scott are dedicated to having empowerment, exploration, and family at the heart of their educational approach. Their commitment extends beyond the classroom, with a desire to sustain a lifelong love for learning. 

Their goal at Wee College is to be the trusted partner for families in their educational journey and to ensure an exceptional learning experience for every child.

Trish and Henk’s Quality Produce

From produce and baked goods to honey and syrups, Trish and Henk strive to deliver fresh and local goods to the community.

When he found himself with a surplus of produce from his farm, Henk started to bring hundreds of bags of produce to Salisbury to donate to Helping Hands Food Bank. While his farm was still operating in Grand Falls, Henk recognized the potential for business and decided to move his operation here. He and Trish opened a storefront in Salisbury in 2022.

With a mission of being fresh, local and affordable, Trish and Henk have big goals for the future of their business. Currently working towards opening a second location, they hope to keep providing the Salisbury area with fresh, locally-grown produce at an affordable price.

Trish and Henk recognize that Salisbury is a great place for business and can see a lot of potential in the community.


As a small-town music venue for musicians and music lovers alike, Grady’s will have you wanting just one more; whether it be one more drink, one more friend, one more song, or one more smile.

Since 1993, Grady’s has been an important piece in central Salisbury. The current owners, Kendra Price, Ryan Langille and Helen McCordic, took over in 2022.

Grady’s promotes live music and envisions musicians from all over continuing to come to them as a serious venue. At the same time, many of their efforts goes towards promoting serving more than just ‘pub food.’ Great food and friendly service for all is of the utmost importance to them.

Additionally, through creative fundraising and several events, Grady’s continues to donate to several charities and individuals in their time of need.

Grady’s is striving for bigger and better. With plans for additions and renovations, the pub is surely the place to be!

HLS Accounting & Taxes

Why worry about your accounting and payroll when you could be focusing on growing your business? HLS Accounting & Taxes can take care of all that for you!

Heidi Seely opened her accounting firm in 2019. After 14 years of banking, she decided it was time for a change. Returning to school for accounting and working at a firm for two years had brought her the confidence to open her own company – which was the “best decision of her life!”

Located at 16 Highland Drive, HLS Accounting & Taxes offers personal/business/corporate tax returns; bookkeeping; payroll; new business registration; NUANS name searches, Incorporations and Commissioner of Oaths.

With a mission to offer great services at a great price to members in the community, Heidi’s goal is to continue to help her clients the best way she can.

Franny’s Cedar Chest

Whether you’re looking for clothing, shoes, jewelry, books, puzzles, or household items, Franny’s has it all! With items for everyone, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Lori McKinley opened the doors to Franny’s Cedar Chest in 2016 when the chance was presented to her. In need of a job opportunity, she started the thrift store with her family and friends being her first consigners. Now, with over 300 consigners, Franny’s offers new and gently used clothes at affordable prices.

Lori’s mission is to provide her community with high-quality items that everyone can afford. She envisions continued growth for her business and community.

Next time you’re in need of something “new,” see what Franny’s Cedar Chest has to offer!

The Big Stop

Conveniently located just off the Trans Canada Highway, the Big Stop Restaurant is a place where the whole family can refuel for the journey ahead! A staple in the Salisbury area, it’s definitely a favourite for residents and tourists alike.

Owner and operator, Steven Lavoie, has been a part of the Big Stop team since his father started the business here in 1997. Starting then at only 16 years old, Steven eventually took over the Big Stop business from his father in 2015 and kept the business in the family.

Continuing to serve the community, Steven’s goal is to grow the business within the Greater Moncton Area, including the Salisbury and Petitcodiac area.

Stop into the Big Stop and enjoy all-day breakfast, fish and chips, burgers, and a slice of cake for dessert!


Located in the heart of Salisbury, McTavy’s General Store has anything and everything you would need from a convenience store. From snacks and drinks, to supplies and fresh food, McTavy’s has got you covered!

Although a store has been here for decades, the current owners, Doug & Liana McLean, took over in 2006. The name originated from their names combined: Mc for McLean and Tavy’s for Liana’s maiden name, Tavender!

The team envisions continued growth for the business, including the recent expansion into McCannabis.

With a mission to provide the best customer service, and a goal to remain a consistent, vibrant, service-focused general store, McTavy’s intends on being around for decades to serve the needs of the residents in Salisbury.

My Green Scissors

My Green Scissors Organic Salon can cover all your salon needs, while providing services and products that protect both your health and the health of our planet.

Chantal Moreau-Short opened the doors to My Green Scissors in 2014 out of necessity for a family member with cancer.  Her business provided a solution for those who had allergies searching for safe alternatives for services, lessening chemical exposures. 

Not only does Chantal strive to operate an eco-friendly business, but she also hopes to educate consumers on using organic products and to find all that nature has to offer. As a holistic hairstylist, Chantal believes in working with whole and integrated systems i.e., when a client may have anxiety, or allergies.

My Green Scissors will continue to bring awareness of ways to lessen our carbon footprint while providing healthy services and products for everyone.