Surplus Equipment/Asset(s)

The Town of Salisbury, from time-to-time, has equipment or assets that are deemed to be surplus but may have a retail market value. In this event, the goods are to be disposed of through public procurement methods. When this occurs, the Town posts notices on the municipal website and in certain locations printed, such as the Municipal Office.  

In the event of surplus equipment, the Town shall:  

  • Post the items for a period of time (ten calendar days where possible) to allow for public procurement;  
  • List a minimum bid price, where applicable;  
  • Provide information, photos, and deadlines for bidding;  
  • Accept bids in a SEALED envelope dropped off to the Town during business hours OR via email to 

The following provides an overview of the other elements involved when the Town sells surplus equipment:  

  • Bids will not be made public, other than the amount of the successful bid; 
  • Interested proponents may submit multiple bids.  If they do so, the Town will only consider the highest of the bids submitted; 
  • All items for sale will be on an “AS IS WHERE IS” basis.  The Town of Salisbury does not warrant the condition of any items sold or their suitability for any purpose; 
  • Only the party with the highest acceptable bid will be contacted after closing.  Said contact will be by email and done within one week of closing; 
  • The successful bidder will be required to pay the purchase price in full by Cash, Certified Cheque or e-transfer on or before the date stipulated within the surplus posting (where applicable), or within five (5) days of being notified, whichever is lesser.  The Purchaser will be provided with details regarding payment arrangements; 
  • Successful bidders are responsible for making their own arrangements to pick up sale items. Successful proponents shall be notified of a date limit to collect the surplus equipment, unless noted in the surplus posting. In the event that the date is not met, the Town reserves the right to proceed with notifying the next highest bidder, or, at their sole discretion, dispose of the asset by other means, at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Town; 
  • Upon submitting a price, the lowest bidder shall be bound by their submission;  
  • The disposal of these goods shall be in accordance with the principles of the Town’s Financial Management and Procurement Policy. All funds received from the disposal of these items will be deposited in the Town’s General Revenue Account; 
  • In the event of a tie bid, the tied proponents shall be provided 24-hours to provide an updated price, in writing, via email. The highest bidder shall be the successful bidder.  

Additional questions related to surplus equipment or assets can be directed to 

There are no assets being advertised as surplus equipment at this time.