During the Special Council Meeting of November 2, 2023, a significant milestone was reached for the upcoming Salisbury Fire Rescue Station. During the Special Meeting, Salisbury Town Council authorized an application to the New Brunswick Municipal Capital Borrowing Board (MCBB) for a 20-year term for the construction of the new building. The authorization requested from the Borrowing Board, which serves as the borrowing authority and is not necessarily the building or overall project costs, was requested to be $7.5 million.

In light of reaching this milestone, the Town has published a webpage related to the project, including renderings of the proposed Facility. The website is available on the Town’s website HERE.

This Facility has been designed following several years of planning, leading to the Town retaining Jost+ Architects in early 2023. With the help of a working group consisting of five members of the Salisbury Fire Rescue Department and municipal staff, concept and schematic design has been completed. This Facility will serve the current, and future, needs of the Department to ensure they can continue to provide an exceptional level of service to residents of Salisbury and to our mutual-aid partners. The building has also been designed to be net-zero ready, enabling the Town to work with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) for potential funding, including grants, in addition to demonstrating environmental leadership.

This project will represent the largest municipal capital investment since the Wastewater Replacement Project in 2004.

Construction of the Facility is anticipated to begin in 2024, following securing funding and subject to the approval of the Municipal Capital Borrowing Board (MCBB) to borrow the authority requested.