Today, the Town of Salisbury is releasing details of FAR (Financial Assistance for Recreation), a made-in-Salisbury program to offset both registration costs for recreation, as well as associated costs with organized activities such as equipment, gas, or tournaments.

“As Canada’s Most Active Community, we know that our residents are engaged in many recreation activities ranging from soccer and hockey to dance classes and theatre” says Mayor Robert Campbell. “However, the unfortunate reality is that many youth are unable to participate in recreation programming because it is cost-prohibitive. As a strategic priority in the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, Council wanted to ensure that a Salisbury-specific program was introduced that could help break down the barriers to accessing and participating in recreation programs”.

FAR is being launched and will accept applications for registration costs three times per year and will accept applications for associated costs on a regular basis. Both streams are subject to the availability of funds within the program at that given time. An overview of the two streams is as follows:

  • Registration Assistance Grant (RAG):
  • Gas, Equipment, Transportation (GET):

Unlike some existing programs that offer registration subsidies, the Town’s FAR program is flexible and enables a wide variety of recreation programs to be eligible for grants (not exclusively sports). It also extends beyond registration costs for the families that need it most, recognizing that recreation programming can be cost-prohibitive beyond the initial registration costs. It will also enable the Town to leverage other programs and assist families in accessing as many grants as possible in order to ensure they can participate in their recreation program(s).

Applicants must apply online and are eligible for up to $300 per participant (or $500 per family) per calendar year. Funds are distributed based on a series of prioritization criteria, such as income, multi-recreation program families, etc., as detailed in the Financial Assistance in Recreation (FAR) policy.

The Town would also like to thank Extreme Windows and Entrance Systems who made a generous donation to kick-start the FAR program. For organizations and individuals who would like to make a donation, which are eligible for tax receipts and have 100% of their cost going directly to the FAR program, please contact

More information, including an FAQ and the application process, can be found online HERE.