During the Regular Council Meeting of November 14, 2023, Salisbury Town Council approved the 2024 General Operating and Utility Budgets.

The General Operating Budget for the Town in 2024 is $6,912,184. The property tax rates for the Municipality are as follows, pending approval from the Government of New Brunswick:



Local Government (Town) Rate

(per $100 assessed value)

DTI (Special Provincial Levy)

(per $100 assessed value)

Total Rate

(per $100 assessed value)

Increase in Cents (and %)
Salisbury (V) $1.1599 N/A $1.1599 $0.1082 (10.2%)
Coverdale (LD) $0.6335 $0.4115 $1.0450 $0.0991 (10.4%)
Salisbury (LD) $0.6346 $0.4115 $1.0461 $0.0975 (10.2%)
Moncton (LD) $0.6394 $0.4115 $1.0509 $0.1051 (11.1%)
Elgin Parish (LD) $0.6388 $0.4115 $1.0504 $0.1046 (11.0%)


Compared to 2023 and 2024, the difference in the Town’s warrant, or amount that must be collected through property taxes, is $1,498,446. In light of above-average increases in property assessments across the Town (12.4% in 2024),  an additional $602,000 would have been generated if the property tax rates remained the same as they were in 2023. The remaining $896,446 is being collected primarily though increase(s) to the property tax rate, representing an abnormal increase in order to address inflationary impacts, adjust municipal operations to the realities of Local Governance Reform, and address funding gaps in critical municipal services and assets.

“Like residents, the Town is not immune to the impact(s) of rising costs and is experiencing the need to balance inflation, rising costs, and maintaining and enhancing service levels with a tax rate that has been kept artificially-low throughout the years, to the detriment of municipal services and assets” says Mayor Robert Campbell. “Throughout the Town’s budget deliberations, Town Council had diligent conversations to find reasonable compromises that find a balance between recognizing that we must act on our strategic priorities but leverage other funding opportunities for projects that do not impact the Town’s property tax rate. Especially in light of local governance reform, the Town’s 2024 Operating Budget is an above-average increase that is intended to course-correct and fill funding gaps, and not be a regular re-occurring increase.”

Based on the 2024 assessment, each cent on the tax base equates to $80,326 in additional tax-base revenue for the Municipality. Despite the increase in 2024, the Town remains competitive with its tax rate compared to both neighbouring municipalities and municipalities of comparable size. A breakdown of several municipal tax rates (using 2023, given 2024 was not yet published) is available online here.

The presentation made by Town Administration to Council during the November 14, 2023, Council Meeting outlined the budget, impacts, and investments in detail. As highlights, through the Town’s 2024 Operating Budget the Town will be:

  • Financing the majority of the eventual debenture for the new Salisbury Fire Rescue Station, to begin construction in 2024 (to be used as interim financing in 2024);
  • Acting on recommendations in the Town’s Asset Management Plan, including: allocating $280,000 to different street re-surfacing projects, including Route 106 between Main Street and Granite Drive (in addition to annual patching program), replacing a Trackless Sidewalk Plow, and increasing contribution to the Salisbury Fire Rescue (SFR) Department for an annual gear replacement allocation;
  • Conducting a Feasibility Study for a Recreation Facility;
  • Acting on the impact(s) of Local Governance Reform, including adding the equivalent of three full-time employees (one in Administration, the equivalent to two part-time employees in the Department of Recreation and Wellness, and one in Protective Services) in addition to an existing one-year contracted position;
  • Addressing the impact(s) of rising costs, which range from standard increases (2%-5%) to up to 30% in some service areas (e.g., waste collection contracts in former Local Service Districts);
  • Adding a number of net-new municipal services, including: Protective Services (including By-law Enforcement), a new Storefront Beautification Program, a number of new and enhanced events from Recreation and Wellness, and a number of capital projects funded in part by the Operating Budget and other funding mechanisms (such as the Canada Community Building Fund).

During the same meeting, Council approved the 2024 Wastewater Charge for those connected to the Wastewater (Sewer) system under the jurisdiction of the Town (those within former Village of Salisbury limits). The 2024 user rate will increase from $325 to $400 per unit. For the last two years, the Utility has been in a deficit position due to aging infrastructure and increasing repairs. For example, in 2019, the average service request in the utility budget costed $4085.75, and in 2023, the average cost is $8062.

In addition to allocating funds for additional repairs of the aging infrastructure, the Town will work on the restoration of the South side of the treatment polishing pond (addressing significant erosion) and will begin design work for future restoration work (sludge removal) at its primary Treatment Facility.

In the coming weeks, the Town will be issuing public communications to further elaborate the service(s) that residents can expect from their Municipality with additional details on the 2024 Operating Budget.

The finalized 2024 General Operating Budget and Utility Budget can be viewed in-full online here: Budget & Financial Information – Town of Salisbury (salisburynb.ca).

In the event of modifications from the Province, the Town will upload the finalized budget(s) upon approval.