The Village of Salisbury has received the 2023 budget and tax rates from the New Brunswick Minister of Local Government and Local Governance Reform. In light of municipal reform, the former Village of Salisbury Council and the incoming Village of Salisbury Council were not able to participate in the budget process, nor was municipal administration aside from providing priorities.

The total tax-base for the new Village of Salisbury is $708,505,200 and the 2023 Operating Budget is approximately $5.42 million. The municipal budget consists of five sub-units, one for each of the former entities (the former Village and each Local Service District (LSD) that now form Salisbury). Each sub-unit has a different tax rate based on the amount of shared services and local services.

The 2023 tax rates per $100 of property assessment are:

  • Former Village of Salisbury:  $1.0517 (increase of $0.0075);
  • Former LSD of Salisbury:       $0.9486 (increase of $0.0981);
  • Former LSD of Elgin Parish:  $0.9466 (decrease of $0.0259);
  • Former LSD of Coverdale:     $0.9459 (increase of $0.0767);
  • Former LSD of Moncton:       $0.9458 (increase of $0.0800).

The impact of the increase/decrease will be as follows on a home assessed at a $200,000 value:

Former Entity

2022 Tax Bill

($200,000 assessed value)

2023 Tax Bill

($200,000 assessed value)

Difference between 2022-2023
Salisbury (Village) $2088.40 $2103.40 $15.00
Salisbury (LSD) $1701.00 $1897.20 $196.20
Elgin Parish (LSD) $1945.00 $1893.20 -$51.80
Coverdale (LSD) $1737.00 $1891.80 $154.80
Moncton (LSD) $1731.60 $1891.60 $160.00

As of January 2023, Salisbury will be incorporated as a Town. In 2022, the average property tax rate for a Town in New Brunswick was $1.3564/$100 of assessment and the average rate for a Village was $1.3918/$100 of assessment. Moving forward, future municipal budgets will be set by Salisbury’s Council, who were sworn in this month in advance of incorporation on January 1, 2023.

Provincial regulations limited increases per sub-unit to a maximum increase/decrease of $0.05/$100 of assessment. However, the Transition Facilitator for Salisbury received approval to permit increases greater than this limit on the basis of certain expenses in the budget and to limit the impact on other sub-units that would be required to subsidize expenses of other sub-units.

Salisbury Town Council will receive a detailed overview of the 2023 Budget at its first Regular Council Meeting, to be held Monday, January 9, 2023 at 7:00PM at the Municipal Office (56 Douglas Street, Salisbury). This meeting is open to the public.

The 2023 Wastewater Operating Fund, which only applies to the former Village of Salisbury sub-unit as the only sub-unit with a sewer system managed by the new Municipality, has a total budget of $465,354 and an annual user rate per unit of $325.00/per year. The 2023 Sewer invoices will be mailed in January.

More information on the Local Governance Reform process can be found online here.