The Town of Salisbury is pleased to announce an exciting project in partnership with the Housing Hub of New Brunswick intended to explore the residential development feasibility and potential on a parcel of municipal-owned land.

As part of the initial project phases, as part of the work to further housing needs data with more personal and actual examples, the Town is releasing a survey for residents. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or someone looking for housing in Salisbury or not, the Town encourages you to complete the survey online here or via paper copy available at the Town Office (56 Douglas Street) or the Salisbury Public Library (3215 Main Street). While the overall project does not guarantee the Town will be able to move forward with a future project, the survey will help inform neighbourhood concept planning and will provide respondents the opportunity to provide contact information, such as an email, to be provided with updates as the project progresses.

“The Town is excited to be partnering with the Housing Hub of New Brunswick on this exciting endeavor” says Mayor Robert Campbell. “Like all communities across the province, Salisbury is in desperate need of affordable, suitable, and increased housing stock for both our residents and to accommodate community growth. Town Council is committed to finding innovative paths forward to see residential development occur in Salisbury and looks forward to working with residents and stakeholders in the region to see what may be possible on this parcel of Town-owned land.”

As part of the project, the Town will be looking to identify residential development options and potential on a 28-acre parcel of land owned by the Municipality, providing a unique opportunity to provide a wide range of housing options, ranging from rental units and garden homes to single-unit dwellings and multi-unit options. The scope of work being undertaken by the Town at this phase is intended to explore the potential development options to seek further funding to realize potential residential development and throughout the coming months, will include pre-liminary work such as: concept neighbourhood plans, a subdivision plan, capital costing options, and several stages of engineering work required for residential development projects (water supply assessments, drainage plans, geo-technical investigation wetland investigations, engineering design of road, etc.).

The Housing Hub of New Brunswick is a not-for-profit organization established in 2022 that works with community partners, such as municipalities, to drive affordable housing solutions across New Brunswick. The Town is pleased to be amongst their municipal partners looking to find innovative solutions to increasing housing stock in their communities.

This project is being funded in part by the Government of New Brunswick’s Pre-Infrastructure Housing Fund, created to provide capital and pre-capital funding to applicants, such as Municipalities, that can create the conditions necessary to increase the number of housing developments in the province and create more safe and affordable housing for New Brunswickers.