During the Regular Council Meeting of April 11, 2023, Salisbury Town Council passed a Resolution calling on the federal government to further consult municipalities in the future negotiation of collective agreements with the RCMP.

In the latest federal budget, it was determined that municipalities will be responsible for paying for retroactive salary increases for RCMP members. This is in light of a collective agreement process in which municipalities had no voice at the table. While the impact, if any, for the Town of Salisbury remains unknown at this current time, Council has passed a resolution and sent a letter to our local Member of Parliament to join the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) in ensuring this type of scenario, that could severely impact services that residents rely on at the local level, does not happen again.

Read the letter to our local Member of Parliament HERE.

Read more information from FCM on the retroactive cost situation HERE.

As updates are provided on whether or not this will have cost implication for the Town, further updates will be communicated to both Council and residents.