Do you rent, or want to rent, a home in the Village of Salisbury or the surrounding area?  If ‘Yes’, we would like your help! The Village of Salisbury needs more affordable and workforce housing. Information about current rent rates and related data can help justify these developments.

Please take one minute to complete this survey and share it with other people you know who want to rent in our area: Survey responses will be collected until August 19, 2022.

This survey is being conducted by the New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association (NBNPHA). The information will be used to work with community organizations, developers, and stakeholders by providing a more accurate picture of the rental landscape in our area. This overall project aims to create more accurate housing asset maps and data that will enable community stakeholders to work together in creating more housing in our community.

In addition to seeking input from renters, the Village will also be compiling information and contacts for landlords, developers, and/or stakeholders involved in the housing sector. If you are interested in receiving information on these stages of the process, please contact Austin Henderson, Chief Administrative Officer, at