Meet the Council Members

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Mayor Robert Campbell
General Government
(Municipal Building, Civic Relations, Personnel, Economic Development, Tourism, Grants)

Dianne Ayles
(Not Shown in picture)

Councillor Nathan O’Blenis
Parks, Playgrounds, and Trails/Environmental Health 
(Parks, Playgrounds, Trails, Wetlands, Solid Waste (garbage))

Councillor Stephanie Thorne
Recreation and Wellness/Library 
(Department of Recreation and Wellness, Library, Canada Day, Community Days)

Councillor Sarah Colwell
Environmental Development 
(Community Planning (Planning/Zoning/Building Permits/Subdivisions) Beautification Committee)

Councillor Jason Gallant
Transportation Services/Wastewater Disposal 
(Road Maintenance & Repairs, Snow Removal, Ditching & Culverts, Storm Sewer, Street Signs, Lanemarking, Street Lights…. Sewage Collection & Maintenance)

Councillor Doug Hamer
Protective Services 
(Fire Department, RCMP, Animal Control, EMO, Ambulance Services)