Volunteer Awards

Appreciating our Volunteers !

The Town of Salisbury is pleased to be commencing our 2nd annual Volunteer Awards Event in 2024 as part of National Volunteer Week. This event will aim to recognize the commitment and contribution of volunteer organizations throughout the community and thank volunteers for the work that they do to create a vibrant municipality, in addition to recognizing the significant impact of many residents in our community.

Link:  2023 Awards
Link:  2024 Awards *NEW*

Volunteer Nominations

Nominee(s) must be residents of the Town of Salisbury, but volunteers from outside the Town can be considered if their efforts directly enhance the quality of life in Salisbury. All achievements reflected in the nominations must be voluntary/unpaid in nature.  Nominations should be for someone who gives generously of their time, energy, and ideas to the community and whose volunteer service improves the quality of life and well-being of citizens. 

Send in your nominations for our 2024 Volunteer Awards.  When doing so, please include some supporting/background information about why you are choosing to nominate this particular person(s) and what makes them deserve the award. 

Submissions must be received before April 5th. 

Categories for the awards: 

  • Youth Volunteer Award (Must be 17 or younger – 1 per year) 
  • Volunteer of the Year Award (1 per year) 
  • Volunteer Firefighter of the Year Award (1 per year) 
  • Decade of Dedication Award (1 per year) 
  • Organization of the Year Award (1 per year)  

Award recipients will be honoured at our Volunteer Appreciation Banquet, April 25, 2024. 

The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 5th, so send us your nominations today!  Please be advised that you can complete the online form or pop into the Town office to grab your paper copy to submit to the Town office at 56 Douglas St.

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