Did you know there is a designated parking area adjacent to Salisbury’s Wetland Trail?

The parking area is located on municipally-owned property accessible by a driveway at 33 MacDonald Road (the corner of MacDonald Road and Braemar Street). Proceed down this driveway and park on the RIGHT, please. This is very important, as the property on the left is private property and is clearly marked as such. (Violators who park on private property will be towed at their expense).

In the designated parking area to the right, there is a larger parking area marked by colourfully-painted cement barriers, as well a wide lane that runs parallel to the Wetland Trail.

The alternative to parking in this area would be to park at Highland Park and walk through the Park to access the Wetland Trail, which is a shared trail intended for walking, running, or riding a bicycle. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the Wetland Trail/Highland Park (with the exception of municipal vehicles conducting maintenance).

Enjoy the Wetland Trail and keep active! #Participaction